Blockchain, Crypto & Fintech
Blockchain / Crypto / ICO / Staking / TVTVG

We are one of the pioneers in the tax analysis of digital business models, blockchain-based transactions, tokens and ICOs in the DACHLI region.

Our clients from the blockchain or FinTech industry are internationally renowned companies and range from innovative startups from Crypto Valley to wealthy crypto enthusiasts and professional investors. Our wide range of consulting services are also based on this:

  • General advice regarding crypto assets and token-based business models
  • Tax declarations, voluntary declarations and appeal procedures
  • Differentiation between private asset management and business activities
  • Assessment of variable salary components
  • Advice on tax residency issues, domicile decision as well as international tax segregation issues
  • Treatment and accounting of ICOs / TGEs
  • VAT qualification of digital transactions
  • Tax guidance on STOs & ICOs

Your Cryptocurrency Tax Partner

We have been involved since hour zero and assisted the first STOs in Europe. Due to our affinity for new business models and new ways of thinking, we are the right contact for startups or established companies for tax issues in the field of crypto & digitalization. Our team is not only in close contact with the tax authorities, but also publishes on the latest topics in this area, which makes us decisively involved in the elaboration and advice.

We accept payment for our services in major cryptocurrencies because we are your full service tax firm when it comes to tax-related issues in blockchain, FinTech and disruptive technologies. We are doing our part to connect the traditional world with the decentralized world.