We are one team!

We don’t hesitate we act!

When you have a dream –
stay on course & chase it!



Acting instead of reacting

Being one of the leading and most innovative boutique tax consultancies in Liechtenstein, we offer consultancy services relating to the DACHLI region (Germany, Austria, Switzerland, and Liechtenstein). Moreover, we are devoted to new technologies and are continuously evolving in order to detect and master new challenges.

#challenge today & change tomorrow

Our clients appreciate this vision and expertise as well as our reliability, the individual support and advice we provide. Due to our affinity for new technologies, many companies active in the fields of blockchain and FinTech place their trust in us.

#see the whole picture & build long-term partnerships

„We provide the maximum of freedom to allow to focus on the important aspects of life.“

“At actus ag we are open minded and continuously tackle new challenges. This is especially true for the fields of IT, marketing, and process optimisation.

In addition to our daily business, we embrace new technologies, want to advance our consultancy forward and thus continuously provide added value to our clients.”

This is us #actwithus

actus ag –
from 2016 to 2021



  • 5 years actus ag anniversary
  • 27 employees on more than 400 m² office space
  • Part of the board of directors of JCI Liechtenstein Werdenberg
  • The first purely foreign dual partner of the Baden-Wuerttemberg Cooperative State University (DHBW) Mannheim and Stuttgart
  • Seminar Management of the Schulthess Forum Digitalization for Tax Consultancy and Fiduciary Services
  • Cooperation with "Andersen Global" in Liechtenstein


  • More than 700 clients in 25 countries
  • More than 50% of clients from FinTech companies & cryptocurrency exchanges
  • Number of employees doubled: 19 members of staff – more than 400 m² of office space


  • Interfaces for cryptocurrency exchanges & banks
  • Automated booking of cryptocurrency transactions
  • 8 members of staff and a rising number of blockchain & FinTech clients
  • Members of the IFA Liechtenstein executive board
  • First publication on Liechtenstein tax law including the taxation of blockchain & FinTech companies


  • First STO client in the European Economic Area


  • First cryptocurrency client in Liechtenstein
  • Team grows to 6 members of staff


  • September 2016: founding of actus ag
  • 4 partners in a 40 m² office

„At actus ag we are acting together, inspiring each other and giving each other support. Because our passion unites us!“