Matthias Langer and Lara Olms took part on the latest report by Cointelegraph and Crypto Research

Matthias Langer and Lara Olms are two of the authors latest report by Cointelegraph and Crypto Research on the topic of institutional demand for digital assets. The report has 7 authors including Prof. Dr. Philipp Sandner, Prof. Dr. Alfred Taudes Pascal HügliDr. Karin LorezMatthias Reder. The survey of 55 professional investors managing €719 billion in AuM in total across Switzerland, Austria, Germany, and Liechtenstein was done during June - Sept. of this year. We found 36% have invested in digital assets, and 39% plan to invest in the future. Bitcoin was the most popular crypto asset. However, the second most demanded crypto asset for future investment may be surprising. The survey was supported by SIX Digital ExchangeBitmainBlockFiBlocksize Capital GmbHNexoIconic HoldingCACHE
SEBA Bank AGSygnum BankCCFE - Certified Crypto Finance ExpertCoinfinityBitpanda, and RIDDLE&CODE - The Blockchain Interface Company.

Available for free: (PDF)